Live Stream from TruSA Cape Town

Sourcing in South Africa

On Tuesday the 30th of October at 12:00pm we will be streaming a live webinar all about Sourcing techniques specifically in South Africa.  The Webinar is free to take part in simply visit this site at 12:00 to lean the best way recruiters can find candidates in South Africa.



An unconference is a gathering of minds, experiences and opinions where the attendees lead the conversation. There are 3 simple rules:

  1. No Presentations
  2. No Powerpoint
  3. No Pitching

The best knowledge is in the room, by bringing together participants from all kinds of backgrounds, all with a shared interest in recruitment, we all get to learn and benefit from our many different perspectives.

The unconference is made up of a series of conversations or tracks. Each track, has a track leader with a background in the topic. Their job is to start the conversation, be available for reference and keep it on track. The stars always come from the participants.

Each track lasts up to an hour, with 3 tracks running concurrently. You can move between tracks as you wish, it’s not considered rude and there is no need to stand on ceremony. Get what you want and move on.

Unconferences are massively engaging and receptive to networking. It's dynamic and exciting and by far the most effective way to develop ideas, learn and get real benefit for your business.

truSA (the recruitment unconfrence South Africa) is part of a series of global social recruiting unconferences. Founded in 2009 by Bill Boorman and Geoff Webb, in 2011 truEvents went truly global with unconferences in every continent including the first truSA. It is so exciting to be on the cutting edge of Social Recruiting and shaping the direction the industry is taking. truSA is not just a Southern African event, the eyes of the world will be on Southern Africa. The very nature of Social Media, expect participation in this event from around the globe.


Track topics include:
  • Internet Sourcing
  • The Future of African Recruitment
  • Referral Networks - building referral programmes that work
  • Recruitment Technology
  • Creative Intelligence, Realise your Genius
  • Video in Recruitment
  • Candidate Selection - How hard can it be?
  • Changing the world of Work
  • Fighting Dragons - Recruitment hot topics
  • The world of Social Media
  • The Recruiting Cool Wall
  • Mobile
  • Social Media Marketing for Recruiters
  • Blogging - How, Why and getting it to work for your business
  • Recruitment business models – RPO, Fixed price recruitment and more.
  • Changes in South African Recruitment Legislation
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter - How, Why, What's the point!
  • Fishing where the fishs are.

There will be some additional track slots on the day so if there is a subject you are passionate about or a topic you feel deserves attention, then we can fit these in.

Track leaders

The job of a track leader is to keep the conversation on track. A track is a conversation so the track leader creates the structure of the track. The track leader will be expert in the subject. For some tracks the structure may involve debate, for other tracks the track leader may focus more on teaching or answering questions. Some tracks involve games, role plays or demonstrations. Every track is different. Participants are invited to join a track that interests them, take part, get what they want from the track and then move on.

This is one of the discussion tracks from truAmsterdam. The track leader set up the conversation so that everyone has to take a position. It is definitely unconventional and different from a normal conference but everyone is involved in sharing ideas.

Where and When

Tuesday, 6th November 2012 - Cape Town, Atlantic Imbizo, V&A Waterfront.
Thursday, 8th November 2012 - Johannesburg, Holiday Inn Sandton
Registration starts at 9:00am


Unfortunately, due to the nature of this event places are strictly limited. Last years event was fully sold out and it is anticipated that this event will also be oversubscribed, particularly so for the Johannesburg event. Tickets are available on a first come basis so early booking is recommended.
Ticket price is R950 per person and includes all day attendance for either the Johannesburg or Cape Town unconference including lunch and refreshments. To register, please use the form below. We will send you an invoice by email including payment instructions. Once payment is received, your tickets will be reserved and your name added to the attendees list at the door. This event is likely to sell out and unfortunately your tickets are only guaranteed once payment is accepted. Please make payment as soon as possible.